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Write a paragraph about ‘The life of a farmer

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paragraph Farmer / The life of a Farmer

paragraph Farmer / The life of a Farmer

Write a paragraph about ‘The life of a farmer.’ Your Paragraph include the answers to the following questions.

(a) Who is a farmer?
(b) What are the nature and time of his work?
Or. What are his daily Activities?
(c) What are the pleasures and pains in his life?
(d) How much can he meet the basic needs of his family?

(e) What is his social status?
(f) How does he contribute to the nation?
(g) How can he improve his poor condition?
(h) How can he better his condition?

Farmer / The life of a Farmer
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Its economy mostly depends on agriculture and the farmer is the root of agriculture. A person who cultivates land, grows crops and raises cattle is
commonly known as a farmer. He works very hard but leads a very simple life. Most of the farmers of our country are poor and usually live in the village. A farmer wakes up early in the morning. He works in the field from dawn to dusk. Taking a little breakfast he goes to his field
with his plough and bullocks. He cultivates and prepares his land with simple hand-made tools. Most of the days he takes his midday meal in the field. To feed us and to earn his livelihood he sheds the sweats of his brow. Both joys and sufferings exist in his life. Good harvest pleases
him on the other hand when natural disasters like drought, flood, cyclone etc, appears his life becomes a burden. He along with his family members starves days after days. Inspite of working
hard he can’t meet his both ends. Most of the farmers of our country are illiterate and don’t know the method of advance cultivation. As a result they suffer a lot. By applying modern
method of cultivation a farmer can improve his condition. Government and NGOs can contribute in this respect. Our economy mainly depends on their production. We must be careful to our
farmers for the improvement of Economy of our country.

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