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Paragraph about ‘Environmental Pollution’

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paragraph about ‘Environmental Pollution

Paragraph about ‘Environmental Pollution’

Write a paragraph about ‘Environmental Pollution’. Your Paragraph should include the
answers to the following questions.

(a) What is environment?
(b) What do you mean by environmental pollution?
(c) What things make environment polluted?
(d) How are the elements of nature being polluted?
(e) What can be done to prevent pollution?

Environment Pollution
Environment refers to land, air, water and all other things around us. Thus natural forces such
as storm, cyclone etc. are the part of environment. Climate is a condition of this environment.
All the elements of environment are interrelated. Any significant change of this inter-relation
can be defined as environmental pollution. Environment pollution can be classified as soil
pollution, water pollution, air pollution; sound pollution etc. Environment pollution has now
become a serious headache for the whole world. The lands we walk on are being polluted by
different types of garbage, polythene, by the rapid use of pesticides and insecticides, chemical
fertilizer and so on. We throw wastes into water and thus pollute it. Our rivers are seriously
polluted by domestic waste and human waste. Water vehicles are further responsible for water
pollution. They throw their wastes into the river and pollute it. Industrial wastes and chemical
wastes get mixed with water and pollute it. For the increase of urban population and rapid growth
of industries there is a general increase in the level of sound. Besides, the traffics that clog up
city streets are also liable for sound pollution. Air, the important elements of the natural
environment is not free from pollution. Smoke from mills and factories, carbon dioxide gas
produced by burning of fossil fuel and coal and the fume of motor vehicles are seriously
polluting the air. All these pollutions are changing the climate pattern. As a result cyclone, flood,
drought etc are being frequent. Global warming is being accelerated by environment pollution.
Environment pollution must be checked by taking immediate pragmatic steps in the level of
individual to international.

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