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Non Textual Paragraph:Air Pollution

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Non Textual ParagraphAir Pollution

Air Pollution

Air is one of the vital elements of the environment. It is essential for all living beings. Infact,
we live in the sea of air. Air can’t be seen in eyes but can be felt. We take oxygen from air to
breathe. But the fact which concerns us now is air pollution. Air pollution means the
contamination of air by fume and smoke, detrimental gases and so on. Air can be polluted in
many ways. We burn coal, fossil fuel and biomass to cook food. All of these elements create
smoke and fume. Smoke and fume pollute air. Our industries emit huge amount of smoke and
thus create carbon dioxide gas. While burning bricks and refuges we produce smoke. Traffics
that clog up in our city streets use petrol, diesel and octane. While burning these fossil fuels
create smoke and thus carbon-dioxide as well. By burning these fossil fuels air is being polluted.
Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is used in our industries for manufacturing and packaging
commercial products. This gas is also used in fridge and air conditioner. It is mainly responsible
for the leakage in ozone layer (O3). As there is leakage in ozone layer harmful ultra-violet ray
is entering in the atmosphere and causing irreparable harm to mankind and all living being,
decreasing food production, changing weather pattern, causing global warning. Railway engines
and power houses also pollute air. Total prevention of air pollution is impossible but by taking
proper steps it can be controlled. Mill and factories, brick fields shouldn’t be allowed near cities  on the issue of air pollution. Solar energy can be a better alternative to bio-fuel and biomass.
Tree plantation can reduce the amount of pollution to a large extent. To live a healthy and happy
life we must check air pollution

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