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How Many Continents of the world & Countries In Asia ?

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How Many Continents

How Many Continents of the world & Countries In Asia

7 continents of the world: Asia is a continent, There are 48 Countries in Asia-

7 continents of the world there are:

 1.Asia, 2. Europe, 3. Africa, 4. North America,  5.South America, 6. Australia, 7.Antarctica Asia continent : Asia is the largest continent on Earth. It covers 9% of the Earth’s total surface area (or 30% of its land area), and has the longest coastline, at 62,800 kilometres (39,022 mi). … Asia is subdivided into 48 countries

Asia Continent: There are 48 countries in Asia-

There are 48 Countries in Asia-
Sr.No Countries Population-2019 Subregion
1 China 1,433,783,686 Eastern Asia
2 India 1,366,417,754 Southern Asia
3 Indonesia 270,625,568 South-Eastern Asia
4 Pakistan 216,565,318 Southern Asia
5 Bangladesh 163,046,161 Southern Asia
6 Japan 126,860,301 Eastern Asia
7 Philippines 108,116,615 South-Eastern Asia
8 Vietnam 96,462,106 South-Eastern Asia
9 Turkey 83,429,615 Western Asia
10 Iran 82,913,906 Southern Asia
11 Thailand 69,625,582 South-Eastern Asia
12 Myanmar 54,045,420 South-Eastern Asia
13 South Korea 51,225,308 Eastern Asia
14 Iraq 39,309,783 Western Asia
15 Afghanistan 38,041,754 Southern Asia
16 Saudi Arabia 34,268,528 Western Asia
17 Uzbekistan 32,981,716 Central Asia
18 Malaysia 31,949,777 South-Eastern Asia
19 Yemen 29,161,922 Western Asia
20 Nepal 28,608,710 Southern Asia
21 North Korea 25,666,161 Eastern Asia
22 Sri Lanka 21,323,733 Southern Asia
23 Kazakhstan 18,551,427 Central Asia
24 Syria 17,070,135 Western Asia
25 Cambodia 16,486,542 South-Eastern Asia
26 Jordan 10,101,694 Western Asia
27 Azerbaijan 10,047,718 Western Asia
28 United Arab Emirates 9,770,529 Western Asia
29 Tajikistan 9,321,018 Central Asia
30 Israel 8,519,377 Western Asia
31 Laos 7,169,455 South-Eastern Asia
32 Lebanon 6,855,713 Western Asia
33 Kyrgyzstan 6,415,850 Central Asia
34 Turkmenistan 5,942,089 Central Asia
35 Singapore 5,804,337 South-Eastern Asia
36 State of Palestine 4,981,420 Western Asia
37 Oman 4,974,986 Western Asia
38 Kuwait 4,207,083 Western Asia
39 Georgia 3,996,765 Western Asia
40 Mongolia 3,225,167 Eastern Asia
41 Armenia 2,957,731 Western Asia
42 Qatar 2,832,067 Western Asia
43 Bahrain 1,641,172 Western Asia
44 Timor-Leste 1,293,119 South-Eastern Asia
45 Cyprus 1,198,575 Western Asia
46 Bhutan 763,092 Southern Asia
47 Maldives 530,953 Southern Asia
48 Brunei 433,285 South-Eastern Asia
Dependencies or other territories Territory Population
  1. Taiwan 23,773,876 (China)
  2. Hong Kong 7,436,154 China
  3. Macao 640,445 China
You could find 48 countries in Many of asia today, relating to usually the United Countries. The total listing is definitely shown within the table below, with current occupants and subregion (based within the Un formal statistics). 48 countries throughout Parts of asia: Asia: Asia -is Globe’s largest and quite a few all populated continent, located mainly within the Eastern plus North Hemispheres. It gives typically the continental landmass involving Eurasia with the place regarding Europe and typically typically the continental landmass of Afro-Eurasia with Europe as well as the black continent. Asia covers a good location of 44, 579, 500 square kilometres (17, 212, 000 sq mi), regarding 30% of Globe’s entire land area in addition to 7. 7% using the Globe’s entire surface area. The area, which has long lately been home to typically the bulk of the individual inhabitants,[4] has been usually the site of a lot of involving the first cultures. Asian countries is distinctive because involving not simply its total large in addition to population, nevertheless also compacted and significant settlements, simply because well while vast hardly populated locations. Its 5. 5 billion dollars folks (as of August 2019) constitute roughly 60 for each cent with the earth’s population. Within general conditions, Asia is definitely bordered to the east by just the Gulf of south america, for the south simply by the American indian Sea, and on typically typically the north with the Cold Sea. The border regarding Most of asia using Europe is a brand-new historical and cultural make, as there is just no clear physical in addition to physical separation between all of them. This is somewhat irrelavent plus has moved given that their first conception within traditional antiquity. The section involving Eurasia into a couple of areas reflects East-West social, linguistic, and ethnic dissimilarities, several of which fluctuate over the spectrum rather compared to together with a clear , crisp splitting series. The most typically approved boundaries place Parts of asia in order to typically the east of typically typically the Suez Canal separating this particular from Africa; and in order to the east of usually the Turkish Straits, the Ural Mountains and Ural Riv, and to the freebie southwest in the Caucasus Mountain surfaces along with the Caspian and Dark Seas, isolating it coming from The european countries. China and Indian local subcontinent alternated in remaining the greatest economies within typically the world by 1 in order in order to 1800 CE. China provides been a major economical electric power and captivated many for the distance, and for numerous typically the legendary wealth plus abundance of the historic traditions of India personified Parts of asia, attracting European trade, search and colonialism. Typically typically the accidental discovery of a new new trans-Atlantic route by The european union in order to America by Columbus during search regarding an approach to India demonstrates this particular kind of deep enchantment. The Man made dietary fibre Road became the essential east-west trading route through the Asian hinterlands if the Straits of Malacca stood as a considerable sea route. Asia benefits exhibited economic dynamism (particularly East Asia) as perfectly as robust population development throughout the 20th millennium, yet overall population expansion provides since fallen. Most regarding asia was your birthplace involving most using the earth’s popular religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Jainism, Yoga, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, Islamic, Sikhism, as well because a quantity of other religions. Offered its dimensions and selection, the strategy of Asia–a name seeing back in order to classical antiquity–may have a lot more in order to carry out with human location compared to physical geography. Most regarding asia varies greatly around plus within its parts with regards to cultural groups, cultures, conditions, economics, historical ties plus govt systems. It in improvement contains a mix regarding numerous different climates which includes usually the equatorial south by your hot desert within the Midsection East, temperate areas throughout the far east and typically the ls centre to great subarctic and polar places inside Siberia.

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