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Paragraph: ‘A Rickshaw Puller’

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Paragraph ‘A Rickshaw Puller’

Write a paragraph ‘A Rickshaw Puller’. Your paragraph should include the answers to
the following questions.
(a) Who is a rickshaw puller?
(b) Where does he live in?
Or, where is he seen?
(c) What kind of job does he usually do?
(d) How long does he work in a day?
Or, how long does he work every day?
(e) How much does he earn a day?
Or, how much is his income?
(f) What happens when he earns too little?
(g) How does he support his family?
(h) How does he earn his livelihood?
(i) What are his pleasures and pains?

A Rickshaw Puller

The person who pulls rickshaw to earn his bread is called a rickshaw puller. He is a very familiar figure in our country. Rickshaws and rickshaw pullers are seen almost everywhere except ‘hill tracts’. Most of the rickshaw pullers of our country don’t have a rickshaw of their own. Generally
a rickshaw puller hires a rickshaw from the owner (mohajon) on the daily payment basis. He lives in a slum house or in a hut. He carries passengers and goods from one place to another. Unlike other day labourers his work time is not fixed. Irrespective of day or night heavy rainfall
or scorching heat he needs to work to support himself and his family. Though works hard, he earns very little. When he can’t drive rickshaw for illness he and his family have to starve then. He can’t send his children to school. He can’t provide them with good food, medicine and
minimum comfort properly. Hope of luxury is a day dream in his life. On the other hand, sometimes passengers behave rudely with him. He is maltreated and ignored by the society. He does a noble task for us. He lives by means of honesty. So, all of us should respect him for his noble deed.

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