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paragraph :‘A Village Doctor’

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paragraph ‘A Village Doctor’

paragraph ‘A Village Doctor’

A Village Doctor / A Quack
Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Doctor’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
(a) Who is a village doctor?
(b) What is his qualification?
(c) What is your idea of a dispensary run by such a doctor?
(d) When does he come to his dispensary and see his patients?
(e) How does he treat his patients?
(f) What services does he provide for the villagers?
(g) What is his relationship with the villagers?
(h) What is the importance of a village doctor?

The person who provides the villagers with medical treatment at a cheap cost is known as a village doctor. He is a familiar and popular figure in the village. His qualifications are not good enough to be a registered doctor. He may have a LMAF degree. Working under a qualified doctor for years he receives some knowledge on medical treatment. Then he opens a dispensary in his village. He deals only with the common diseases. His dispensary is decorated with an almirah, a table, a chair and one or two benches. In the almirah- the common medicines are
kept. Getting up early in the morning he attends his patients. He gives them advice and medicine. He also visits the patients on call. He is very hard-working, dutiful, co-operative, careful, sympathetic and sociable. He is a friend to the poor people in their diseases and distresses. Sometimes he gives them free treatment and medicine. Sometimes the patients get relief from their diseases under his treatment. But, sometimes wrong treatment makes the condition of the patients more critical. Rich people generally avoid him. They call him by the name quack. But, it is true that he renders a noble service for the poor. Healing the patients gives him more
pleasure. He is a friend to the poor villagers and they respect him a lot.

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