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Paragraph: about ‘An Ideal Teacher’

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Paragraph about ‘An Ideal Teacher’

Paragraph about ‘An Ideal Teacher’

Write a paragraph about ‘An Ideal Teacher’. Your paragraph should include the answers
to the following questions.
(a) Who is a teacher? ( wkÿK †K?)
(b) What are some of his qualities?
(c) What is his general nature?
(d) What is his general nature?
(e) What are the necessary requirements of an ideal teacher?

An Ideal Teacher

A teacher is the person who performs the noble deed of teaching. He is called the architect of a nation. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to the students. An ideal teacher is he who removes
the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the nation. He is truthful, educated, aware, cheerful, honest, efficient and regular. It is said that a mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains but
an ideal teacher inspires the students to bloom their concealed talents. He awakens the students. He treats his students like his children. He never rebukes his students if they make any mistake.
He tactfully makes them realize of their mistakes and thus reforms them. He makes his lessons easy and interesting. He applies particular methods to teach the particular students. He draws
the attention of the students. He never sits motionless before his class. He makes his students clever, self reliant, confident and optimistic. He always shows the enlightened part of life. He
not only enlightens the students but also the society. He takes care of his students like his children. An ideal teacher leads an honest and simple life. Everybody respects him for his honesty and sincerity. Bangladesh needs more and more ideal teachers to enlighten the new generation who will lead the country someday.

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