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paragraph: about ‘Early Rising.’

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paragraph about ‘Early Rising.’

paragraph about ‘Early Rising.’

Early Rising
Getting up from bed early in the morning is called early rising. An early riser generally gets up before sun-rise. It’s a good habit and beneficial to health and mind. Nature looks charming and air is fresh in the morning. An early riser can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and breathe in
the fresh air. Saying his morning prayer an early riser starts his day. He gets enough time to fulfill his daily work in time. He is never late in his duties. Thus he prospers in life. He hardly suffers from diseases. Both his health and mind remain sound. Success comes to him early in
his life. On the other hand a late riser is always late to his work. He scarcely fulfils his duties. He suffers from various diseases. Sun rising, natural beauties, chirping of birds and fresh air in the morning are absent from his life. He can’t finish his work in time and lags behind. He can’t shine in life. Success is scared of him and remains away from him. An English proverbs says that early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We must cultivate the habit of rising early to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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