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Paragraph about: Our National Flag

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Our National Flag- Bangladesh
A piece of fabric with special coloured design representing a country is known as national flag. Every Independent and sovereign country must have a national flag. It symbolizes the independence and sovereignty of a country. Unlike other countries, Bangladesh has a national
flag of its own. Being an independent country in 1971 we achieved our national flag. The proportion of its length and breadth is 10:6. It’s a piece of rectangular green cloth with round red sunlike patch in the middle. The radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag.
The green colour is the symbol of youthful vigor as well as the green fields and the subtropical forest of Bangladesh. The red circle symbolizes the rising sun with new hopes and aspirations.
As we achieved our independence by the shed of blood of 30 Lakhs heroic sons of the soil, the red circle also indicates blood. The designer of our national flag is artist kamrul hasan. The national flag is hoisted in the premises of all government offices and institutions. It is also hoisted countrywide on different national days like 26th march, 16th December etc. On National mourning day it is kept half mast. Our national flag make us proud and inspires us to go ahead for the betterment of the country. We must fulfil our duty to the nation to uphold the honour of
our national flag.

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