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Paragraph About: Zainul Abedin

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zainal abidin

zainal abidin

Write a paragraph about ‘Zainul Abedin’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the
following questions.
a)When and where did Zainal Abedin born?
b)Where did he study?
c) Describe his works.
d)Which Award he got?
e)When did he die?

                                 Zainul Abedin

Zainul Abedin was born in kishoregonj in 1914. His father’s name was Jamir Uddin. He graduated from Calcutta Government Art College in 1938. He was the first Muslim student to obtain first class
distinction form this college. Later he joined the same college. He also completed a two years of training from an art institution in London. He spent much of childhood near the scenic banks of the Brahmaputra
River. Brahmaputra would later appear in many of his paintings and be a source of inspiration all throughout his career. This great Bangladeshi painter got the breakthrough in 1944 with his feminine
series of 1943. He was highly skilled in painting, drawing and in sculpture. His noteworthy paintings are “The Struggle, Rebel Cow, Feminine Paintings, Nobanno, Study of a Crow, Two Faces” etc, and his paintings on feminine earned worldwide reputation for him. In 1914 he founded the institute of arts and craft which is now the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dhaka University. He is considered to be the founding father of Bangladeshi art. The Indian express described him as a legendary Bangladeshi painter. In 1975 he founded the Folk Art Museum in Sonargaon in Narayangonj and Zainul Abedin Sangrahashala in Mymensingh. He was given the title ‘Shilpacharya’ the great teacher of arts in English for his artistic and visionary qualities. This great legend died of cancer on May 28, 1976 in Dhaka.

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