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Paragraph :‘An Ideal Student’

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Paragraph ‘An Ideal Student’

Paragraph ‘An Ideal Student’

Write a paragraph about ‘An Ideal Student’. Your paragraph should include the answers
to the following questions.
(a) Who is an ideal student?
(b) How is he punctual?
(c) Does he cram anything?
(d) What does he do to maintain a sound health?
(e) What role does he play for the welfare of the weak students?
(f) What is his way of life?

An Ideal Student
Who studies in a formal institution like school, college or university is known as student. But, an ideal student is he who is an idol to others. Being first or topper in the class in not the only characteristic of an ideal student. An ideal student is an asset. He paves the way for others to
follow. He performs his duties properly. He goes to his classes regularly and learns his lesson attentively. He abides by his teachers and parents. He is punctual, sincere, honest and truthful.
He keeps himself aloof from evil companies. He is never late to his work and never neglects it. He is respectable to the seniors and affectionate to the younger. An ideal student not only prepares his lesson but also helps the weaker ones to understand it. He is also skilled in cocurricular
activities like debating, acting, singing and miscellaneous. He never crams his lesson but understands it and encourages others to do so. He takes care of his health and maintains the rules and regulation of health to keep him fit and healthy. He takes physical exercise and play
different games. He is co-operative and renders help to his classmates and society. He bears a moral character and follows the rules of religion. He never denies to help others in distress. He is a role model to everyone. So, all of us should try to be an ideal student.

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