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Paragraph: ‘Corruption in Bangladesh’

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paragraph ‘Corruption in Bangladesh’

paragraph ‘Corruption in Bangladesh’

Write a paragraph about ‘Corruption in Bangladesh’ by answering 39 the following questions.
(a) What is corruption?
(b) What are the causes of corruption in Banglades.
(c) What are the means of corruption?
(d) In how many ways is it happening in Bangladesh?
(e) What are the effects of corruption in our coutry?
(f) What measures have been taken by the government to remove corruption?
(g) Give your own suggestion to get rid of this menace?

Corruption in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country. It’s affected with many problems. Corruption is one of them which is the main obstacle to our progress. Corruption means adopting unfairmeans to achieve something illegally and unethically. Bangladesh placed 13th in the world corruption index report from the top of the most corrupted countries.Almost every sector of the country is affected with corruption. Police department is
identified the most corrupted sector. Ministries, government offices, land sector, job sector, educational sector and almost every sector are found corrupted in the report. Even NGOs and foreign firms are also found corrupted. Greed, vicious politics, lack of good governmence, moral degradation, poor scale of salary are mainly responsible for corruption. The most common form of corruption is bribery. Sometimes use of musele, misuse of power and political power are active behind corruption and
corrupted people. Common people are the worst sufferers of corruption. Corruption is the main obstacle to the progress of the country. Anti corruption commission must be more effective to uproot this heinous act. Moral education, strict law, good governance can reduce corruption to a large extent. It is high time we uprooted this inhuman act.


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