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Paragraph: in about 100-120 words in ‘A Moonlit Night’

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Paragraph ‘A Moonlit Night’

Paragraph ‘A Moonlit Night’

A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is the night when the moon shines brightly in the full in the cloudless clear sky. In the middle of month when the sky is cloudless and clear the moon comes to the full shape with bright light. Beauty seekers await for a moonlit night. In fact, a moonlit night enchants
everyone with its splendid and charming view. The moon looks like a silver disk. The whole earth gets bathed with her silvery light. It creates a heavenly beauty. Everything seems coated with silver. Oceans, seas, rivers and creeks and ponds are seemed to smile in the splendid moon beam. The trees and creepers look bright and sparkling. Birds and animals get puzzled thinking the moon light as day light. They come out of their habitats and start to move and chirp or bellow. People of all ages enjoy it in full brim. Little children play hide and seek. New couples
are seen to enjoy it hand in hand. Poets and artists are highly influenced by a moonlit night. It makes us nostalgic and charm us with its heavenly beauty. It leaves a deep impression on our mind. The beauty of a moonlit night can’t be described it words. To get relief from anxiety and
monotonous life, a moonlit night comes to us as a heavily bliss.

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