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Paragraph :‘May Day or International Worker’s Day’

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Paragraph ‘May Day or International Worker’s Day’

Paragraph ‘May Day or International Worker’s Day’

Write a paragraph on ‘May Day or International Worker’s Day’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
(a) When is May Day or International Workers day observed?
(b) In which city did the historical event of May take place?
(c) Why did the workers of McComic Harvest Company called strike?
(d) Who took part in the rally?
(e) What is the spirit of May Day?

May Day / International Worker’s Day

May Day is the day which is celebrated all over the world on 1st may as international worker’s day. It’s an international holiday. It commemorates the historical struggle and sacrifice of the working people. But, there is a tragic history behind this day. Once workers were deprived of all privileges as a human being. They were oppressed and exploited by the owners. They had to work 14 hours or even more a day. They had no security and safety. They were ill paid. To protest against these oppressions and exploitations the workers of McComick harvest Company, Chicago, USA went on strike. On May 03, 1886. They brought out a rally demanding job
security, safety laws and eight hour working time. Police fired into the crowd. At least one striker was killed and five or six others were seriously wounded and left an undetermined number of workers injured. May Day is the symbol of inspiration against all oppression and exploitation.
The day created fraternity among all workers of the world. Today’s workers enjoy all modern privileges by the sacrifice of the workers of this day. This day is significant for all the workers of the world.

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