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Paragraph : ‘My Daily Life’

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Paragraph ‘My Daily Life’

Paragraph ‘My Daily Life’

Write a paragraph about ‘My Daily Life’. Your paragraph should include the answers to
the following questions.

(b) When do you get up from bed?
(c) When do you take your breakfast?
(d) When do you start for school?
(e) How long do you stay at school?
(f) When do you take your lunch?
(g) What do you do in the afternoon?
(h) When do you take your supper?
(i) When do you go to sleep at night?
(j) What do you do on holiday?

My Daily Life / Routine

The Daily activates of a man are reflected in a daily routine. I have a daily routine of my own to follow. I am a student. I get up early in the morning. I brush my teeth, wash my hands and face. Then taking ablution I go to mosque to say my Fazar prayer. I enjoy the fresh air and
nature in the morning for sometimes. After that I take my breakfast and sit to read. I learn my lesson properly. Then I take a bath and have my meal. I start for my school at 10am and stay there till 4.00 pm. During Tiffin time I take my Tiffin and say Zohr prayer. After school I came
home directly and take my meal. Then I say my Asar prayer and take a little rest. In the afternoon I go to playground to play. After saying my magrib prayer in the mosque I come back home.Taking a simple breakfast I go to study and learn my lesson till 10am. Then saying my Esha
prayer I take my supper. Then I watch television for some time. I go to bed at 11am. Besides these I read the daily newspaper and listen to radio. Minor changes occur in my daily routine on holidays. I visit my relatives and go for recreation on holidays. A typical day of my life is
reflected here.

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