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Paragraph :‘Pahela Baishakh’

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Paragraph ‘Pahela Baishakh’

Paragraph ‘Pahela Baishakh’

Write paragraph about ‘Pahela Baishakh’ by answering the questions 46 below?
(a) What is Pahela Baishakh?
(b) When is this day celebrated?
(c) How is Pahela Baishakh celebrated?
(d) Why do people celebrate this day?
(e) What do the traders and shop-keepers do on this occasion?
(f) How are people dressed on this day?
(g) Why do the Bangalees celebrate this day?
(h) What is the significance of Pehela Baishakh?

Pahela Baishakh /Nababarsha / the Bangla New Year

Emperor Akbar introduced Bangla New Year. Pahela Baishakh is the first day of the Bangla New Year. The day is observed all over the country with traditional activities. Irrespective of color, caste,
creed and religion Pahela Baishakh is a national Festival. It’s a public holiday. Recently the government announced festival allowance for this festival. The main programme of pahela Baishakh is arranged
at sohrawardy udhyan. The institute of fine arts of Dhaka university brings out a rally with colourful banners, festoons, structures of different birds and animals which is commonly known as ‘Mangal Shovajatra’. Rural people also arrange Boishakhi Mela on this day. Traders and shopkeepers open halkhata. Young boys and girls put on white and red colour dresses. They celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and inspiration. In Dhaka the first programme of the day takes place at ramna Batamul by
the leading cultural organization “chayanat”. Different cultural organizations arrange numerous programmes to celebrate this day. The tradition of pahela Baishakh is solely our own culture. It inspires
us to start a new life with new hopes and aspirations.

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