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Paragraph :‘The Victory Day’

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Paragraph ‘The Victory Day’

Paragraph ‘The Victory Day’

Write a paragraph about ‘The Victory Day’ by answering the questions below.
(a) When is the ‘Victory Day’ of Bangladesh?
(b) Why is the day celebrated?
(c) Who are the martyrs of our Liberation War?
(d) How do you celebrate the day every year?
(e) Whom do we remember and how?
(f) What do people generally do on this day?
(g) How does the day inspire you?
(h) What is the symbolic meaning of the day?

The Victory Day

Rangalal Bandopadhya said “who wants to live without freedom?” freedom is a birth right of human being. But we were chained by the occupying Pakistani rulers for about 24 Years. Our heroic sons struggled and sacrificed their lives to make our county free and independent. It was
16th December, 1971. We achieved our independence by sacrefing 30 lakh lives. After a ninemonth long bloody battle we got victory over occupying Pakistan on this day. So, this day is our victory day. Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in the world map. Every year
the day is observed with due solemnity. We pay tribute to our martyrs. We gather to the national memorial and offer flowers to our heroic sons. The whole country gets a festive look on this day. At the first hour of the day our Honorable Prime Minister and President show their respect to our heroic sons at the national memorial. The national flag is hoisted on the top of every house and office. People of all ages visit national memorial at saver. Special parades are organized at Bangabondhu National Studium by the armed forces. The Prime Minister and the
President take salute from them. Political leaders and different organizations also visit the national memorial and offer flowers to show their respect to the martyrs. Different cultural programmes are arranged all over country. TV and radio telecast special programmers.
Newspapers publishes special feature. This is a day of joy, hope and inspiration for us.

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