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Paragraph Tree Plantation / Importance of Tree Plantation

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Tree plantaion


Write a paragraph about ‘Tree Plantation’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions: (a) What do you mean by tree plantation? Or, what is tree plantation? (b) What is the importance of it? Or, what does a tree do for us? (c) What would be the environmental impact if there had been no trees? Or, what happens if there were not trees? (d) What is the best time for plantation? (e) What do we get from trees? (f) What steps should be taken to have more trees? Nowadays tree plantation has become a movement. Tree plantation means planting trees in a large scale. It includes growing trees, taking care of them, protecting them and inspiring others to plant more and more trees. Trees are not only important but also essential for all living beings. They provide us with food, timber, gum, wood, fruits, flowers etc. Tree prevents our soil from being washed away. They also give us vitamins, minerals, medicine etc. They give shelter to birds and many animals. We need oxygen to breathe and this oxygen is supplied by trees. Besides, we produce carbon-dioxide which makes our environment warmer and polluted but trees absorb carbon-dioxide and thus keep the environment cold and control pollution. If we cut down trees indiscriminately our earth will turn into a desert someday. Trees maintain ecological balance by absorbing toxic gases, providing food and shelter for human and animals, supplying oxygen, protecting soil and so on. Trees also give us shade in time of sunny and hot days. No creature can live without depending on trees. To protect the environment tree plantation is a must. To keep the earth livable we must grow more and more trees. Rainy season is the more best time for tree plantation. Awareness should be created among people on the importance of planting more and more trees. Mass-Media and Social Media can play an important role in this matter. Government should implement inspiring award for the best tree planter. We must plant trees around us and inspire others to plant trees to a large extent.

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