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Paragraph :‘Your Neighbours’.

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Paragraph ‘Your Neighbours’.

Paragraph ‘Your Neighbours’.

Write a paragraph about ‘Your Neighbours’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
(a) Who are neighbours?
(b) How are your neighbours?
(c) Who is your next door neighbor?
(d) How does he conduct with you?
(e) What is the main characteristic of your neighbours?
(f) What is your bounden duty and why?

My Neighbours

Man can’t live alone. Aristotle said that ‘The man who doesn’t live in society is god or beast.’ We can’t do without help of others. Every one of us is dependent on each other. So, we live together in society. The people
who live near to us are called neighbours. Neighbours come first in our joys and distresses. I live in a village.There are about fifty families living around me. They are my neighbours. My all neighbours are very helpful
and sociable. They are engaged in different professions. We are very cordial and respectful to each other irrespective of class and status. We help each other in distress. We observe social functions altogether. My
next door neighbor is Mr. Kamal. He is a grocer. He is an honest man and very simple, Frank and sociable, He is very much sympathetic to us. He comes first in our distress. He and his wife are always careful about
our comfort. His caring is really admirable. My other neighbours are also good mannered. All of them are kind, humanitarian and sympathetic. They are always ready to help each others. Sometimes, disputes arise
but we solve these among ourselves. We have a reputation for our unity. We neighbours are determined to keep this unity strong forever.

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