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Paragraph : your “Pastimes”

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Paragraph your “Pastimes”

Paragraph your “Pastimes”

Write a paragraph on your “Pastimes” answering the following questions.
(a) What is your name?
(b) What class do you read in?
(c) What are your pastime activities?
(d) How do you spend your pastimes on holidays?
(e) Do your pastime activities help you anyway?

My Pastimes

Pastimes include those activities which remove our fatigue and monotonousness. Pastimes vary from person to person and urban to rural life. There have been significant changes in types of
pastimes over time. Jari gaan, Shari gaan, Jatra, snake charming. Puppet show etc. were common source of pastimes in the past. Now it has lost its appeal. Watching TV and listening FM radio is a common pastimes to some people. Gardening is a popular pastime. Students like to spend
their pastime playing games and sports. I am a student and like to pass my pastimes playing games and sports. I like gardening most. During my pastime I look after my garden. After finishing my lesson I like to watch TV and listen to radio. Keeping diary and writing in it regularly is an important pastime of mine. During holidays I spend my pastimes visiting different
important places of our country and I also visit my relatives then. Pastimes remove our tiredness and we get relief from monotonous and fatiguous life. A pastime refreshes us and is essential for everybody to lead a happy life.

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