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Paragraph:‘A Historical Place You Visited’.

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Paragraph‘A Historical Place You Visited’.

Paragraph‘A Historical Place You Visited’.

Write a paragraph about ‘A Historical Place You Visited’. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
(a) are you visited any historical place?
(b) When did you visit it?
(c) Where is your visiting place?
(d) Why did you visit there?
(e) What attractive things did you observe there?
(f) What is the usefulness of visiting a historical site?
(g) What is the influence of visiting the place upon your mind?

My Visit to a Place of Historical Interest
Man has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. To meet his thirst he is keen to discover new place, culture and heritage. He is eager to discover all unseen and unknown. As a student I have an interest to know the historical places of my country. Last summer vacation, I visited Ahsan
Manjil at sadarghat in Dhaka. I along with my parents went there early in the morning. There is a map to dictate the visitors. Following the map we entered into the ‘Manjil’ which is now a museum. There is a short history of ‘Nawab Family’ in the first gallery. I knew the history of
this Nawab family. There are several galleries in the museum. Many Historical evidences of the Nawab family are displayed there. Swords, cloths, cannon, ceramic pots, furniture, water tapes and all utensils which were used by Nawab family are displayed in different galleries.
The skull of a dead elephant surprised me a lot. There were meeting rooms, hall room, dining room, bed rooms in Ahsan Manjil. These rooms are preserved covering with glasses. Visitors can look into these rooms from the outside. Taking photographs is prohibited here. At last we
came out from the museum and took some photographs from the outside of the museum. The Ahsan Manjil is really a nice building. Its architectural value is really great. Life will remain incomplete if this place isn’t visited.

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