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Silk Cotton Tree (shimul) root health benefits

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shimul root health benefits

Silk Cotton Tree (shimul) tree root health benefits

Drug Use Semal (Shimul) or Silk Cotton Tree root details Semal Common names in different languages:- Latin name: randu pedestal Sanskrit: Shalmali, Semul, Simul Hindi: Semal English name: Silk Cotton Tree, Kapok Tree India Bengali: Shimul Telgu: Buruga Bangla: Katsevari Punjabi: Sumbal Gujrati: Shimalo Malyalam: Mullilavu Telgu: Kondaburuga Home Remedies of Semal or kapok board Here is how the various parts of the Silk Cotton tree can be used at home to treat a variety of disorders. seminal disorders Take the tender roots Semal, clean and dry in the shade. Grind to make powders. Take this powder to cure the disorder semen. nocturnal emission, issue semen Take Shimul root powder and add Vidari (Ipomoea digitata) root, shatawar and Misri. Take twice daily with milk. blood purification Take Semal leaves and grind with water. Strain and drink. Leucorrhoea Take Semal root powder twice daily with water. During menstrual bleeding Mixed Semal root powder (100 gm), mulethi powder (50 gm), Swarn geru (25 gm). Take this powder powder twice a day with water or milk. Acne, skin blemishes and pigmentation Take the thorny part of the tree trunk Semal. Make a paste of the root thorns with water. Apply on the affected area. It also lightens scars due to boils, spots, acne and burns vulgarise. wound Apply the paste on the skin at the wound. Weakness Of interest to take part Semal green base, clean and dry in the shade. Grind to make powders. Mix one scoop of powder, honey (2 tablespoons) of desi ghee (1 tbsp) milk and beverages. increase breast Take root bark Semal, clean and dry and grind to make powders. Take twice to increase breast milk. Cold and cough Mixed Semal root powder with black pepper and ginger powder dry. Take a small amount to cure cold and cough. REDDISH SILK COTTON TREE — HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS AND USES -More Details…. This is the truly spectacular tree noticed in spring when typically the branches are bare involving leaves but full involving waxy red flowers, typically the young buds of which usually, like those of typically the kachnar tree are consumable. There is a shrub near our home which offers an eagle’s nest sitting safely in a shell of the tree and even it can be evidently seen as there happen to be, confirmed no leaves. This is one of many tallest forest on the Indian subcontinent and is used inside traditional medicine for the plethora of purposes, which includes as an aphrodisiac. This is also known while the Indian Kapok shrub as it has excellent silky kapok like fibers growing around its plant seeds. These are said in order to be inferior to kapok, which comes from Ceiba pentandra but nonetheless happen to be used for stuffing and even to put on burns up in order to avoid blistering and assist prevent scarring. The brand Bombax means silk earthworm and malabarica = through Malabar. The tree will be a member of typically the Bombacaceae category of plants, consequently is related to typically the durian and the baobab tree.. The tree furthermore yields a gum which often is sometimes used while a substitute for bubble gum tragacanth and which will be used in bookbinding, makeup products and to thicken glaciers cream and medicine. It is known to be an aphrodisiac when taken with gur and cow’s milk. Typically the gum is known while Mochras in India. This is said to include astringent properties and get good for diarrhea and even dysentery, for female issues including irregular periods, in order to relieve the pain involving piles also to purify typically the blood among other cures. The young 1 or 2 yr old roots are believed to be useful while a sex tonic and even aphrodisiac. They are referred to as Semul (the local brand in the tree) Musli and even like other Muslis like as Safed Musli, they will are used to activate the male libido. Inside some area the localized healers or hakims favor to gather the beginnings on Mondays, but exactly why this should be consequently is not apparent. Inside traditional medicine in Myanmar the roots are provided to cure impotency also to increase the sperm count number. The bark of typically the tree is thought (in Myanmar) to help inside the case opf center disease and spermatorrhoea. Inside India the bark offers with gur and whole milk for the same uses. The flowers are provided with honey to halt interior bleeding, and are toast as a vegetable inside ghee. Flowers are cut slowly overnight and provided with mustard seeds in order to reduce how big enlarged sombre. The juice of typically the fresh bark should really quit diarrhoea. The fruit, that can be seen under the blossom, is likewise used as a good aphrodisiac, so that as an expectorant. The bark is furthermore used for wound curing, and can be manufactured into a paste with regard to skin problems, with all the foliage also used for these kinds of. The flowers are furthermore considered good for typically the skin and complexion, and even for piles. Young berries is used for long-term inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism, and with regard to bladder and kidney issues as well as in order to treat gonorrhea and long-term cystitis. The wood involving the tree is utilized in order to make matchsticks, coffins and even crates and is helpful in water, so well-linings and dugout canoes happen to be made from the shrub. The bark is employed in rope-making. Modern medical related studies have shown of which extracts through the stem involving the tree contain lupeol which has antiangiogenic? components in vitro, and that also has potent hypotensive activity, so can get extremely useful. However typically the studies still in their early stages. In addition, it includes the flavanol shamimicin and this is under investigation. Antiangogenic brokers inhibit the growth involving new white blood tissues. Such growths play important roles in many disorders including some that trigger blindness arthritis and cancers. These are found naturally inside certain plants and could be manufactured in amenities.

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