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Write a paragraph about ‘A book fair’

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book fair paragraph

book fair paragraph

Write a paragraph about ‘A book fair’ by answering the questions below.
(a) What is a book fair?
(b) When and where is it held usually?
(c) What purposes does it serve?
(d) How is it organized?
(e) What kinds of books are usually available in a book fair?
(f) What is your personal impression of a book fair?

Book Fair / A Book Fair
A fair where different types of books are displayed and sold is called a book fair. It is an annual opportunity for the publishers to display their books and sell them. It is also beneficial to the readers to find out their favourite books from a particular place. Book fair is quite popular all over the world. Different types of book fairs are organized in different places all the year round. The biggest book fair in our country is ‘Ekushey Boi Mela’. Besides, different organizations publishers, universities etc. also organize several book fairs round the year. Bangla Academy organizes the Ekushey Boi Mela. It lasts from the 1st February to the last day of that month.
The main objective of a book fair is to meet the thirst of book lovers. Publishers also get a chance to display and sell their books in a fair. A book fair also makes an opportunity for the new writers to bloom. Hundreds of publishers and bookstalls participate in a mediocre book
fair. New book are unveiled by the writers. Seminars and cultural programs are also held in such a fair. Ekushey Boi Mela is the most popular book fair in Bangladesh. It’s the biggest opportunity for the publisher, writers and readers to meet their need. Thousands of people gather
everyday in the bangla Academy premises and surroundings to buy different books during the Ekushey Boi Mela. Almost everyday new books are introduced to the readers in this book fair.
Books help to the formation of life and civilized culture. Thus, book fairs give us chance to know different branches of knowledge and to form our life. Book fairs should be promoted to remove darkness of ignorance and to enlighten the individual as well as the whole nation.

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